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Istanbul is a glittering jewel in the crown of Turkey, a country that boasts exquisite beaches, beautiful landscape, and rich history. Almost 15 million people call this beautiful city home, whilst thousands of tourists visit every year to enjoy the sandy beaches and serene surroundings of the city.
If you are a real estate investor looking to buy property abroad, a luxury villa, apartment, project or lands in Turkey might be the best bet for you. Rental demand has been on a constant incline for past few years. In addition, rapid real estate development has greatly expanded the local housing market that offers international buyers plenty of affordable housing options to choose from.
That is not to say that buying a villa, apartment, project or land in Turkey is cheap or easy. But Stanpolis Property is here to help you in your real estate endeavors. We will guide you in finding the perfect home for your family from our extensive range of villa, apartment, project or lands for sale in Turkey.

Why in Turkey?

Wonderful Climate

If you want to take an escape from harsh winters or hot, humid summers, buy a villa, apartment, project or lands in this beautiful city called Istanbul. The temperature is mild throughout the year with sunny days, so you can have fun soaking up the sun on sandy beaches all year around.

Home Ownership Rights

The local government has relaxed its housing laws in the last few years and now international buyers can also enjoy full home ownership rights in Istanbul. So, if you want to buy a vacation home in a foreign country, you may want to choose Istanbul. You are entitled full ownership rights when you invest in a villa, apartment, project or lands for sale in Turkey.
Great Investment Opportunities
Unlike most other European countries where property value of real estate has decreased in past few years, Turkey offers high-ROI real estate investment opportunities to buyers. The properties are reasonably priced, which means that even buyers with small housing budgets can buy a luxury villa, apartment, project or lands in Istanbul.

Diverse Culture

If you like exploring new places, meeting new people, and exploring new cultures, Turkey is sure to entice you. This beautiful country has a rich history, and since it is located part in Asia and part in Europe, the local culture is a beautiful amalgam of western and eastern traditions.
As a leading real estate development and investment company of Turkey, Stanpolis Property offers its customers an extensive range of luxury villas to choose from. Whether you are looking to invest in an ocean-front property or you want to buy a luxury villa in the center of the city, we have something for buyers with diverse needs and budgets.



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