Hair Mesotherapy& PRP Technique

It is a side-effect free drug that includes amino acids, vitamins, minerals, keratolytic agents and surface expanders needed by the hair. This drug is injected under the skin to strengthen the hair.
PRP, We take a small amount of blood sample from the individual and separate the serum in individual’s own blood by subjecting to centrifugation process. Since this serum we have separated is a platelet-rich body fluid, its nutritional, regenerative and restorative effect is quite high. By injecting this serum with special injectors into the subcutaneous tissue in a way that does not harm your hair follicles, we ensure that the stem cells are stimulated and activated. Thus, you get a stronger and fuller hair, allowing the weak hair follicles, which could not complete their growth under the skin, to grow out, and allowing your existing hair to strengthen.
PRP treatment is also an exact solution for hair loss. We recommend both our patients underwent transplantation after the procedure and patients experiencing hair loss problem to certainly have the PRP treatment.


We perform hair transplantation in any area where is irritated by various injuries such as burn, suture, cut and where no hair grows as a result of tissue injury, and we make it possible to regain a natural appearance. In addition to that, we arrange a re-operation in the most appropriate way for those who underwent operation in other hair transplantation centers but not satisfied with the results, or for those who could not achieve the desired result due to wrong intervention, and we ensure that they are satisfied with the result after performing the desired transplantation.
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