Hair transplantation is an art that is combined with health and aesthetics. We have a structure that meets all the needs of the individuals who experience problem with hair loss, and that provides services for the hair, including all sorts of hair care, and that focuses on customer satisfaction with individual price policy to perform this art. Needle-free operations are performed using the latest technology. We offer top-level customer satisfaction.
Stanpolis Hair Aesthetics Hair Transplantation Center, which carries on a business for years to provide services and treatments on hair transplantation and hair treatment techniques, is an expert company in the field of hair transplantation and has successfully performed thousands of hair transplantation operations up to now with its team of specialists.


  • We serve in a full-fledged hospital with teams of specialists under sterile and safe conditions.
  • We perform hair transplantation with our experienced, plastic surgery specialists and professional team.
  • We perform hair transplantation by using scientific techniques for hair transplantation.
  • We use FUE hair transplantation technique, which has not yet been properly used in many countries around the world, in the most perfect way by adding our own knowledge and experience.
  • Our specialists and teams are very successful in achieving 100% naturalness in the donor area and bald areas where your hair is transplanted.
  • Guaranteeing the number of grafts, a very important detail in hair transplantation, is our most important aspect that separates us from other hair transplant centers.
By reporting the actual number of grafts as a whole number during the preliminary examination of our patients, we avoid them from encountering surprise budgets in terms of pricing and make them get the natural hair with a number of grafts that they actually need. If our patients deem necessary, we give them an opportunity to watch interviews of our patients who previously underwent hair transplantation or to have one-to-one interview to find answers to their questions. We are waiting for you for free hair analysis and for hospitality of Stanpolis Hair Aesthetic Clinic.
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